The exhilarating Houston duo Xwire & Reno blend huge energy with striking emotion in their new collab “Million Years.”  This single, out now on TRILLVO, will be the introduction to Xwire’s upcoming debut album, expected in 2021.

“Throughout the entire song, it was definitely melancholic… In terms of the general story, in my mind, the lyrics explain a story told from the perspective of someone who feels a strong way about someone else and wants to feel important to the other person. Whether that be a lover, friendship, etc. “I hope you still need me a million years from now”. Simply put, I interpreted it as “I hope I’m just as important to you as you are to me”” says Reno.

This song is filled with gorgeous contrast from beginning to end. A range of exciting instruments support wistful vocals that will sweep you away. Everything from a grand piano, to classic dubstep yois, to a groovy mid-tempo chorus absolutely rocks in this masterpiece. After a rollercoaster of emotion we’re taken up a notch by gritty bass into a sea of electrifying synths that resembles a moment you may experience in a Rezz or Porter Robinson set. 

For Xwire, music isn’t just music, but an artform, a way of connecting everyone through sound, as well as being an outlet for him and many others. The unconventional artist has influences that range from Deadmau5 and Must Die! to Bob Ross and Malavidaa, and those that influence him can be heard and seen in his self-made cover arts as well as his sound design.

Reno’s life has revolved around music since he can remember. All the way back in middle school, he’d be writing songs and lyrics in class instead of completing the class work. With Boombox Cartel being one of his biggest inspirations inside music, Reno dove headfirst into producing and creating a sound atmosphere that represents him and his ideas. 

Check out “Million Years” right now! 

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