Protohype is a Dubstep act that everyone should be familiar with. The ever-impressive producer, DJ and labelhead has returned to our earphones today for a fire new remix.

After a long tenure of releasing independent bangers over the past ten years, Protohype conceived his very own Underdog Records in late 2019. Since then, the label has hosted releases from Conrank, AceMyth, Blurrd Vzn, Jinx and, of course, Protohype himself.

Today, he’s taking on one of the most popular EDM tunes of 2020 for a spankin’ new remix. Illenium‘s “Nightlight” was everywhere this past summer. For Protohype’s brand new remix, he’s bringing out all the stops.

This new take on “Nightlight” employs vicious wubs, turning the emotional original on it’s head. With infectious drums and synths fill the new remix with the perfect amount of energy to refuel the original “Nightlight“. It’s a must listen for Illenium and Dubstep fans alike.

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Free Download: Illenium – “Nightlight” (Protohype Remix)

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