Hailing from the UK, Conrank is characterized as a Dubstep icon, blessing us with innovative bangers since 2013. He has had a successful musical career; showcasing his talents with independent tracks, as well as collaborative efforts with distinguished artists such as Mersiv, Jansten, and Protohype.

Today, Conrank is back with a new track titled, “Hunter”. Conrank’s versatility and repertoire of musical skills are especially showcased on this single. He is featured as the vocalist and on the guitar alongside the lead guitarist, Gwen Laffite. The track was released by the reputable Circus Records, ran by the legendary Dubstep acts Flux Pavilion and Doctor P.

He stated his excitement upon the release stating, “…I can’t put into words how much this one means to me. It’s a huge turning point for me as a musician and artist”, via twitter. We understand his eagerness after listening to this absolute smash! The single has a unique beat that will be sure to get the audience’s energy soaring.

Conrank has certainly commenced 2021 with the energy we so desperately need. We can’t wait to see what’s to come in the new year for this exceptional artist.

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