Paper Skies is one of our favorite up and coming producers of the past year. The quickly growing Toronto artist has shined with his Melodic Dubstep/Color Bass sound. The Color Bass sub-genre was coined by Chime a few years back and Paper Skies has even appeared on Chime’s own Rushdown Records, for his Astronomy EP, as well as multiple other times.

Paper Skies also appeared on Seven Lions‘ Ophelia Records Advent Vol. 2 Compilation album recently, for his infectious melodic track “Edges”. Throughout the past year and the livestream explosion, Paper Skies performed at loads of digital festivals, carving out a name for himself as one of the most impressive producers in his sub-genre.

What did you think of Paper Skies’ brand new guest mix for HIHF? Let us know down below in the comments and be sure to peep the tracklist!

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Guest Mix Tracklist:

Paper Skies & Artisan – Rebelo

JoeB & Paper Skies – ID

Marcix – Subtract1ve

Paper Skies – ID x Leotrix – Alien Blaster

Virtual Riot – Dream Logic

Mr. Bill & Eliderp – ID

Dr. Ozi & Ace Aura – Sum Buddy

Skybreak – Gunga Ginga

Paper Skies – Broken

Sharks – Opal

Crankdat – Darkroom

Seed & Whales – Mal De Amor

Eliderp – ID

Kaval – Spacestorm

Skybreak, Sharks & Ace Aura – Another Heart

Paper Skies – ID

William Black – Closer Than You (Skybreak Remix)

William Black – Closer Than You (Sharks Remix)

Paper Skies & Kittito – Nebula

Volant – Personified Fear

Eliderp & JoeB – ID

Oddprophet – Disassociation

Chime & Whales – Gamebreak

Paper Skies – Higher

Fox Stevenson – Just Don’t Mind

Chime – Soda World

Paper Skies – ID

Papa Khan – Rain (Edit)

Sharks & Skybreak – ID

Skybreak – Waterfall

Mr. Bill – Spectra

Nox – Hand In Hand

Defsharp – ID

L.M. – Call

Paper Skies & Surphase – ID

Surphase – ID

Virtual Riot – We’re Not Alone (Beatcore Remix)


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