The pioneer of Persian Trap Music is back with another banger!

Establishing his own genre by infusing booming bass and trap beats with Eastern instrumental sounds, ASADI has carved out a unique niche for himself in electronic music production.

The latest single – titled “Divinity” – embodies ASADI’s ambitious sound like no other. Pairing with producer and drumming prodigy Adam Deitch, the track is a fascinating blend of synthesized and acoustic sounds.

Deitch’s atmospheric, garage-style drums are layered with ASADI’s percussion feverishly plotted through his drum pad. Coupled with ASADI’s performance on the Persian Setar, the resulting track is an intense, infectious bass tune with an adventurous, improvisational feel.

“Divinity” is accompanied with a simple yet serene video of the duo performing together amidst a remote Colorado landscape. Let us know what you think of the new track from ASADI, and check out the video below!


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