Capshun and the Bonsai Collective have just announced a brand new label! For Denali Records’ first ever release, they are recruiting MUIRA for a disgusting new experimental bass tune, titled “Aethesis”.

Denali Records is the brainchild of Capshun, Sasha Rome and Afrosamuraiist, and will be spotlighting heavier house, bass, and DnB releases. MUIRA and Denali Records’ crunchy new jam takes listeners on an absolute thrill ride and as heavy as it gets, it’s actually quite soothing.

Here’s what Sasha Rome had to say about the new label and what MUIRA had to say about their epic new tune:

“Denali originates from the name of the tallest mountain in North America. This symbolizes the heavy, hard-hitting tracks we will release with the new label. We want DENALI to be the home for hard electronic music including bass music, house, DnB and others. With Bonsai we focused on the melodic side of EDM and we’ve had to exclude some good music that didn’t fit the Bonsai sound. Now with DENALI we can represent those harder-hitting tracks and between the two labels we can cover a lot of ground in the electronic scene. We will continue to support both established and up and coming artists, with the quality of the music always being #1 for us.” -Sasha Rome

“My song “Aethesis” honestly gives me goosebumps. It represents a more powerful, more abrasive side of MUIRA that hurts and wants to be understood. Something that I really haven’t shown in my past tracks. “Aethesis” starts out extremely vulnerable and finds its strength as the track progresses. At the song’s essence, It’s really just a story. Between the distorted bass, manipulated vocals and that delicate piano, I think you get something that reads very emotionally pure and magical and that will hopefully translate well to the listener.” -MUIRA

What did you think of this ethereal goodness courtesy of MUIRA and Denali Records? Let us know down below or on our socials.

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