Known for his contagious smile and warm personality, the late Matthew “Pipus The Wise” Larsen will always be a cherished underground bass music community member. 

Pipus began performing through comedy and YouTube shorts around Philadelphia, even being featured as best comedian duo by Philly Mag in 2017; later he linked with bass music maestros like Freddy Todd, Tiedye Ky, and G-Space to write and provide the infectious raps we still get down to to this day. 

Unfortunately, almost two years ago, Pipus’ journey on this earth came to an end, and he transcended to somewhere better. Today, Tiedye Ky premiered the music video for “Livin’ Right Now,” a heart-warming single off Baby Blue and the Super Moon, during which he announces that the Tiedye Ky team is collecting donations for a massive mural of Pipus to be installed in downtown Philadelphia. To raise awareness or funds check out the digital petition here, or the official Go Fund Me here.   

“The “Livin’ Right Now” music video is a tribute to my late homie Pipus. When I heard of his passing, I didn’t believe it at first. I almost laughed and thought “man he really got us this time, this will be his ultimate skit. It’s his way of putting on his greatest show.” He was always smiling, always laughing so hard. His presence in a room outshined and broke down the very walls he stood within. 

When I got home from his funeral, I wallowed in front of my computer for a bit before writing easily one of my favorite songs ever in a single session. From start to finish, I spilled my emotions in one swift motion. Matt and Kenny, I love you. Thank you for everything.” – Tiedye Ky

The “Livin’ Right Now” music video features Pipus and Tiedye Ky’s favorite hangs from around Philly, and is bursting nostalgic and warm fuzzy good vibes. The Pipus Forever Mural Project will honor Matthew Larsen as a valued member of the city of Philadelphia, and as a valued creator in the artistic communities surrounding Philly. More info to come at Our hearts go out to the friends and family of Matthew Larsen as we mourn and miss him dearly, gone way too soon. Pipus Forever!! <3

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