If Walschlager’s Come Correctwas any indication as to the destructive and powerful sound that “Drop This’” brings, multiply that with the beautiful addition of House producer Coka Cobra.

Coka Cobra graced our ears with “Wind Up” last December and he doesn’t let off the gas pedal by any means. The bone-shattering sound keeps bass and house-heads alike wanting more for the whole song while progressively building to a head towards the end.

Sirens? Check. Unique and innovative futuristic production? Double-check. This bombastic banger gives listeners everything we’ve been missing from the clubs and festivals of the pre-COVID era and makes you itch to get back out to the packed and sweaty environments that made me personally love EDM in the first place.

Something that sets this song apart is the careful use of samples and other-worldly sounds. Bringing two musical masterminds together allows for these sounds to be sprinkled throughout the track with nuance, letting the listener both analyze and keep them guessing the entire time.

You could listen to this song ten times in a row and notice something different each time. From Jamaican MC Kapone throwing down catchy lyrics to the almost hauntingly loud drops, I’ve picked up on, and loved. a different part of this pounding anthem with every listen.

Clocking in at a cool 2:20 minutes, the song is easy to mix into any set while also allowing people to find their favorite moment of the song. Like the drops in the song itself, it simply keeps you wanting more from these up and coming producers – and I can’t wait to see what’s next for them both. What are you guys enjoying the most from the collaborative duo? Give it a listen in the links below and let us know in the comments below!

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