Boulder-based Pianist, DJ, and Producer, Kolotê has been sitting on some heat for quite a while. Being a classical pianist with more than fifteen years on the keys, Kolotê made the transition to electronic production. Taken under the wing of Homemade Spaceship and VibeSquaD, Kolotê has been refining his skills and is prepared to show them off. Today marks his entry to the electronic scene with his debut track, “Deja Vu”.

Meshing electronic structure with an acoustic cover, “Deja Vu”, in an introduction to Kolotê’s style. Featuring vocal duo Goodfrenz, this tune combines a wide array of frequencies with angelic vocals.

“I’m super stoked to have set this bar for myself and share this with the public. It’s been a process to be confident and truly proud of my ability with music production. Thank you to my friends, family, and teachers who have had my back so far with this process. I am thrilled to display my progress in the upcoming months.” Kolotê

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