SLANDER and Au5 have just released their inspiring new collab, “Anywhere” , through Heaven Sent this past Friday.

SLANDER has had this ID, featuring shYbeast and PLYA, on the back burner for almost two years and they didn’t quite know what to do to finish it. That all changed when they reached out the melodic mastermind Au5.

The duo had been impressed with the “Potions” remix Au5 had made for them, and they wanted to incorporate that same energy into “Anywhere”. SLANDER thanked Au5 for bringing an authentic electronic feel to their collab on Anna Lunoe’s danceXL radio show, “…it really was a very pop feeling record…and [Au5] was able to elevate it”. Notably, SLANDER wanted to push the track away from the commercial space it was stuck in and incorporate more dance influence without abandoning the core ideals of the song. This challenge shows the special ability of Au5 to blend emotion with electronic and dance music in a way that many artists strive to achieve.

SLANDER never fails to take us on an intergalactic adventure with their music and that’s especially what we get here with this monstrous performance from every artist involved on “Anywhere”.

We’re loving this new emotional anthem, and we hope you are too! Be sure to stream the latest release from Au5 and Slander down below and let us know what you think on our socials.

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