Holly Woods has released her highly anticipated Dark Thoughts in Vibrant Colors EP, following the release of hit singles “Fantasy” and “Reign”. The EP showcases Holly Woods’ versatility as an artist, presenting three songs capturing vastly different emotions. The talented producer takes her audience on the tumultuous journey she endures as she fights to escape darkness in order to flourish in the light. The relatable theme allows listeners to feel acknowledged and connected with the music, while simultaneously nourishing their minds with hope.

The EP has a strong start with“Reign” which smoothly transitions into the intense track “Grand Demise”. This effort delves into a darker mood and features vocals from Holly herself. The EP takes an upbeat turn with “And then she Opened her Eyes”, the dramatic tone and signature strings capture the turning point in Holly Woods’ metaphorical expedition. The fourth track is titled, “Fantasy”, a single released in December of 2020. The dreamy vocals by Sofia Camille, lyrics, and mystical beat indicate that her relentless struggle with darkness has ended in her favor. The EP concludes in a complacent and resolved state with “Dark Thoughts in Vibrant Colors”.

Holly Woods expressed her excitement upon the release of this EP stating, “This EP is a very personal piece to me, but I have never been more ready to open up these pages of my story. To me, “Dark Thoughts in Vibrant Colors” is a story of winning, of light overcoming the dark. The battle never ends, but you can choose which side you fight for.”

We are so grateful for Holly Woods’ vulnerability as an artist and are certain this EP will resonate with her listeners. Dark Thoughts in Vibrant Colors defines the importance of optimism, a meaningful message that holds weight and must be proclaimed as we venture into 2021.

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