An artist who can constantly change up their style while still reliably churning out top-notch tunes is a special talent. Laika Beats fits that bill to a tee.

Listen to ‘The Gardenand you’d come to expect songs saturated in Trap and Hip-Hop influence. His 2016 EP ‘Hustle Art’ would have you believe he was a Dubstep artist through and through. But his last two singles, ‘Empathy Will Save Us’ and now ‘Nature is Watching’  introduce us to a new side… a softer side of the artist. He doesn’t lose his roots – he just shows listeners that he has other branches to work with.

Laika Beats, born and bred in Colorado, has always sounded like he belongs on stage at the X Games Aspen. He is a serious rising star and one to watch. Just peep his mix handcrafted for Heard It Here First for proof.

‘Nature is Watching’  keeps the trend of changing things up going. Yes, there is still the heavy and hefty amount of underlying bass, but the new single calms things down with serene melodies, hazy synths,  and unique Glitch-step vocals that lull listeners away, wherever they may be listening. To make a groan-worthy pun, we Laika this track a lot!

Don’t sleep on this talent. Check out the new single and Laika’s exclusive mix done for Heard It Here First in the links attached. And most importantly, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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