Laika Beats is one of the many champions of the underground bass scene. The up and coming Denver producer has had his tunes played by Bassnectar multiple times and has opened for the likes of Zeke Beats, Emalkay, Thelem, and more. He also has an extremely successful collaborative EP off the Wakaan label alongside Mersiv and hip-hop vocalist Knat Turner. Laika Beats also graced the inaugural Wakaan festival last summer, playing the late-night Jaenga Bus stage.

Laika Beats shared that he is starting to shy in a new direction, citing “The Garden” as the very beginning of the new ‘melodic colorful energy’ movement. He’s always been known as an artist who isn’t afraid to dive into the unknown. We can surely expect tons more beautiful, exquisite releases to follow. Check out what Laika had to say about the new track below.

“The Garden is the debut of a new direction I’ve been adventuring in the last year. It combines my love for contemporary, dance-heavy Hip-Hop/Trap beats with colorful synthesizers, live instrumentation, and dynamic melodies. Starting with this release on 3/14 I will be dropping a track every 2 weeks and will be staying consistent with this expressive sound. I want my music to help heal and inspire others while taking them on an emotional audio adventure.” – Laika Beats



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