MUST DIE!, the Seattle-based producer, is known for many things. Among them, his charisma, being charming yet slightly awkward, standing up for what he believes in, and being a damn good producer. Putting in the work since 2011, after fine-tuning his sound it gained him the recognition of label heads such as Skrillex and SKisM. This would lead to a stacked resume with SKisM’s Never Say Die Records, where he now has made a home for himself.

Taking 2021 head-on, he released a remix of Kompany’sFeel It All”, giving the feelsy track a taste of MUST DIE!’s signature 8-bit demolition. Riding the wave from his first release of the year, today he brings his original heater “SORROW TECH” to Never Say Die.

The track uniquely expresses the range of MUST DIE!’s production. “SORROW TECH” is made up of a chilling atmosphere woven with acid-driven rhapsody which is interrupted by heavily drilling bass iced with his iconic chiptune sound.

SORROW TECH” is yet another impressive tune by MUST DIE! Take a listen below and keep your ears peeled for what else 2021 has in store for this superstar.

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