Juelz, a Vancouver-based producer, has curated his discography to be stacked with tunes that blur the lines between hip-hop and electronic music. Although, his skills don’t stop at production and DJing, because Juelz actually started his musical journey as a classically trained violinist.

His initial success from his track “Cocaine” led to collaborations with talents such as josh pan, Falcons, Promnite, and bbno$. With this came support from taste-makers such as RL Grime and A-track that would help land him on huge labels such as Monstercat, NIGHT MODE, Sable Valley, and Fool’s Gold. Juelz’ smash 2020 single “High Octane” was also just nominated as a top song of the year by r/trap, Reddit’s community for all things trap music.

After being mandated to quarantine at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, Juelz started a quarantine beat series where he would post every beat made while in isolation. Today, he brings us a track from day 9 of the series titled “Distancing” out now on Trap Nation’s Lowly.

Distancing” is an emotional Trap banger that has been extended and remastered from the version in the quarantine beat series. With a dreamy intro and drum fills that will make you weak, “Distancing” tugs on the heartstrings with a passionate build followed by a blaring cathartic release.

I’ll be adding Juelz’s “Distancing” to my Trap You Can Cry To playlist but you can check it out below, be sure to let us know what you thought of this heater in the comments or on our socials! Keep an eye and ear out for more huge bangers from Juelz in the near future.

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