Juelz has always been all gas no breaks when it comes to giving us heaters. That’s why when he came into 2021 more on fire than ever, we weren’t surprised. With releases on Elysian Records and Trap Nation’s Lowly so far, it only feels right that his next release comes from RL Grime’s Sable Valley, especially after the announcement of his membership renewal to the institution, to bring us “Enter The World.”

Alongside Juelz is fellow Sable Valley sophomore, JAWNS. It’s always a pleasure to see JAWNS putting out art on Sable Valley considering his first solo project release was Sable Valley’s debut EP as well as him being featured on the first Sable Valley Summer collaborative project.

Together, the two combine forces to bring us a high-energy, high-impact banger. “Enter The World” encloses a perfect cocktail of Juelz’s and JAWNS’ abilities to produce tracks that are just as tense as they are smooth. JAWNS’ Electro-fueled bass layered with Juelz’s iconic Trap elements makes the release a beautiful example of the mold-breaking catalog of uber-talented artists that are being curated over on Grime’s Sable Valley.

What do you think of Juelz and JAWNS’ newest masterpiece “Enter The World”? Let us know down below in the comments or on our socials!

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