CloZee has been on fire. She consistently provides unique remixes and masterfully constructed albums, but today she drops ‘Zest Please’ alongside Maddy O’Neal. The original track is a divergence of what we have come to expect from CloZee, but that tends to happen when you have two incredible producers teaming up to blend their styles. So that’s nothing but a positive here!

O’Neal brings a powerful, self-taught background to the world of EDM. Her influences stretch far and wide and it allows her to take the tracks she’s involved with to the absolute next level musically. ‘Zest Please’ is no different, drawing influence from the Chill House world to Hip-Hop and more.

The track begins softly with shakers and claps getting listeners on beat only to progressively build to harder and harder drops. There’s a specific sound in that build-up that immediately drew me back ‘Summit’ by EDM all-stars Skrillex and Ellie Goulding. But that’s about where the similarities end.

The vocal samples on the single are subtle, and the subtleness makes them all the more noticeable. Their tones changing throughout keep listeners on edge and provide multiple opportunities to resonate with your own personal taste.

The running, deep bass that picks up a little more than halfway through the track brings the production to a head, where listeners experience the choppy samples combined with a chill yet effectively heavy drop. The seemingly opposites connect incredibly well here due to the synth work that ties it all together. It also doesn’t hurt to have two talented teammates working to create something special as Clozee and Maddy O’Neal do here!

These two musical behemoths collided on ‘Zest Please’ and the results are UNBELIEVABLE. Give the track a listen below and let us know what you think of it in the comments or on our socials!

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