Elderbrook is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and producer with an innate knack for all things music. Elderbrook is commemorated for his creation of mesmerizing work that delves into authentic and raw emotions. He captures the feelings we face daily while discovering our self-worth, and effortlessly describes the journey we endure as we come to terms with where we are, compared to where we want to be.

Elderbrook is coming off an incredible high that he experienced musically in 2020. His album “Why Do We Shake In The Cold?” was jam packed with tracks embodying genuine emotion. One of the tracks off of the album titled, “Numb” garnered the most streams, ranking in at over thirty-seven million via Spotify. Elderbrook recently stated, “The song is about loneliness and this year has had a lot of that. With touring looking good for later in the year I’m seeing a way out for sure.”

Today, Elderbrook is bringing immaculate vibes with the exhilarating new tsingle “Body”. Elderbrook’s production on this new effort and his alluring vocals make for the perfect upbeat house anthem. We are on the edge of our seats for what is soon to come from this established producer throughout the rest of 2021.

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