Zachary Krane, the bay-area producer, better known by his stage name KRANE, just released the third installment of his high-profiled collaboration series, “SESSIONS”.

Each release off this nine-track EP works with a different producer, drawing on their unique production styles while providing his own influence. Heimanu, Neon Sound, Akame, capshun, Hypercolour, and Acyan are just some of the artists that got the opportunity to work with KRANE for volume three.

A concept that started back in 2017, “SESSIONS” gives producers a forum to openly submit tracks to KRANE. Ultimately choosing the songs he enjoys the most, the producers will have a back and forth until both artists are satisfied with the track’s ultimate completion.

This time around, KRANE hits on many different electronic genres, taking listeners on an epic journey. “SESSIONS Vol. 3” hits on loads of different styles, ranging from powerfully emotional melodic bass to whimsically playful future bass and vigorously stimulating drum & bass.

It is really refreshing to see accomplished artists like KRANE using their platform to help springboard the success of smaller artists. KRANE understands the hustle it takes to grow as a producer and the fact he provides a helping hand to other creators in the community is what really is noteworthy to us.

“SESSIONS Vol. 3” further showcases the production prowess KRANE  rightfully earned, gaining respect from the underground and mainstream alike. We only expect more of the same from KRANE moving forward. What did you think of the new project? Lets us know your favorite track in the comments!

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