Today, Texas-based producer, Space Wizard serves up another spicy tune that’s sure to tickle your eardrums. “The Maze Guardian” has arrived.

This new single is a follow-up to his EP released with Cyclops Recordings three months ago, The Marble Room.” The track tells the legend of the Maze Guardian, who has been alive since the creation of the marble room and has been cursed to guard the treasure which he cannot posses.

The track captivates listeners right from the jump, building up the energy while ominous vocals ring from the background. Then, with the flip of a switch, the drop hits, immersing listeners with rich layers of rippling, gritty bass. Playing this tune from your laptop or computer will not do it justice. Only on powerful, high-fidelity speakers will this tune reach its true potential!

The album art for the single was created by acclaimed visual artist, Data Byte. Pairing Space Wizard’s earth shattering sound production with Data Byte’s mind blowing visuals, this track will truly stimulate all human senses. We were genuinely in awe of this track in so many ways and we know you will be too!

Being a part of the original Spicy Bois squad, Space Wizard has found a way to stand out amongst his peers. Releasing tracks through Wakaan, Subsidia, and 40oz, it’s clear that this Wizard has got some serious production magic. Here’s what he had to say about the new release:

“Maze Guardian was never supposed to be a full song but the idea felt so good i just had to finish it” – Space Wizard

Additionally, in two weeks, he will be traveling on tour with Subtronics across the country for socially distant drive-in shows, alongside Level Up, Guppi and tons of special guests throughout.

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