*Heavy bass disclaimer* I say this in an ecstatic way of course! On their own, Brightside and Five Star, bring the heat. Their tracks like ‘Hit the Fan’ and ‘Mouth’ respectively showcase their fundamental love of Trap, Hip Hop, and Dubstep. Their best attributes come out to play with their new collaboration ‘Hunnids’, out today on Electric Hawk Records.

It’s easy to spot which components come from each artist, combining two seemingly different styles for an incredibly cohesive behemoth of a track.

Brightside, born and bred in Queens, brings his heavy sub-bass and love of the EDM movement in a more controlled but still readily apparent way as heard in the drops of the song. Five Star’s sampling work is on full display from the second the play button is pressed. Together, the two phenomenally dubby artists play off each other in a wonderful way.

The track provides that visceral bass that will have any room mosh pitting, nodding along, or simply swaying back and forth. Strong kicks and notable attentiveness to the synthesizer work only provide additional reasons to keep coming back for more.

Volume controls and settings beware, as they were certainly not forefront thoughts in the making of this production. This is to say that the track is incredibly hard-hitting and certainly gets the nod for repeat listens from us at the Heard it Here First!


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