Rome In Silver has consistently put out authentically unique tunes, his recognizable sound is lively and soft while still lending itself to the low-end here and there. From a banger like “Fool” to a bop like “Skin,” which was featured in the seventh edition of the game Rocket League, Rome In Silver’s fluttery yet heavy style continues to impress fans worldwide.

Today, he is collaborating with up and comer on fire, Biicla, to bring us the leading single from his forthcoming EP on Bitbird,Colorblind.” After Biicla’s debut album No Place in 2020, he has put his twist on Whethan and K.Flay’s vibey “Hurting On Purpose” and remixed Deathpact’s mysterious “ID.” Both tracks prove that this Russia-based producer has more skills under his belt than he’s led on and we can’t wait to see how his sound evolves.

With a contrast similar to what makes Rome In Silver unique, Biicla’s unlikely pairing of Future Pop and House-influenced production is what has and will continue to set him apart during his evolution as an artist.

Rome In Silver has a special talent for creating a thick, driving bass line that carries a melody while going nearly undetected. While Biicla has a knack for figuring out what would set a tune apart and executing a one-of-a-kind experience with each release.

On “Colorblind” they combine forces to create a gentle and fearlessly formidable track that sets a vibrant tone for what is to come on the rest of the EP. The release has a vintage vibe that cradles the track in softness, with subtle bass and a garage beat to get you swaying along.

“It’s a step forward because I don’t do many collaborations unless it’s with someone who I feel would compliment my style well. I’m a big fan of Biicla and I think this is just the first of many between him and I.” – Rome in Silver

Bitbird’s curation is impressively consistent in bringing us the most vibrant of tunes around, Rome In Silver and Biicla’s “Colorblind” is no exception.

What did you think of the new collaboration track off the bitbird label? Let us know down below in the comments!

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