Disciple is known as the hub for some of the hottest Dubstep artists across the world. Their Round Table sub-label has been pushing forward tons of forward-thinking, up-and-coming producers over the years.

Today, they’re unleashing their new compilation album, Volume Two of their Round Table Reinforcements, and it’s got twelve unique bangers that are sure to leave your necks broken.

Maahir is a 17-year-old producer from India who has been producing over the past three years. Welon is a 15-year-old music producer from Czech Republic, who notes The Prodigy, Eptic, and Zomboy as his influences. Hurtbox is a French producer who only has two tunes released, but has already gained attention from the likes of Subtronics, SVDDEN DEATH, Ubur, and tons of other Dubstep heavyweights.

The project also includes contributions from Dr. Ushuu, Dyatic, DKKAY, OUTRAGE, DVEIGHT, Dino Shadix, Beastboi, Exille, Bizo, Sausages, Glitcha, 2FAC3D, FloodDubs, and Cactus Flower.

All these young superstars in the making are given the perfect platform by Disciple, to showcase their head-knocking, ever-growing production prowess. We hope you get introduced to one of your new favorite producers!

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