The Disciple label consistently brings us new and exciting bass music and that’s exactly what we get today. Crankdat and Ruvlo have united once again to bring us a new and exciting banger called “LASERS.

This isn’t the first time Crankdat and Ruvlo intermixed their two unique styles together. Almost two years ago, they released a track on the Disciple label called “Blah Blah,” another exciting and energetic bass collab.

LASERS” is no different from their previous release, it’s an absolute bop. The track begins with a dark atmosphere and is accompanied by an almost synth-wave melody. As the track begins to build tension, the sweet release we are given is a wonderful and heavy drop that is bolstered by a constant laser sound. As a matter of fact, this song definitely sounds like it was inspired by Knife Party’s classic “Destroy Them with Lasers.” Overall, the track is a non-stop thrill ride of a banger.

We love “LASERS” by Crankdat and Ruvlo and you can too by streaming it down below. Keep an ear out for Crankdat’s upcoming Disciple EP. We hope you enjoy this new single as much as we did!

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