If you have been missing out on glitch bass recently, then look no further. We have just the tune for you today, but with an amazing twist. Baltimore-based rising star SISKA and HIHF-favorite Floret Loret combine forces to bring us “Hylocereus” and it blew us away!

Named after the plant, “Hylocereus” takes listeners on quite the adventure. The fusion of downtempo and glitch bass could not be more ambitious, yet so well-crafted. SISKA and Floret Loret begin the track with a gorgeous tone. The producers proceed with an insane drumline that reminds you of tracks by the bass legend G Jones. By the time the drop hits, you’re left not knowing how to react.

Floret Loret and SISKA deliver heavy basslines, a soothing melodic sample, and piano elements to draw us deeper into their story without words. By the end, it leaves the listener without words as well.

Both SISKA and Floret Loret have been showcasing their unique talents for quite some time now. SISKA has crafted a sound of his own, adding heavy-hitting percussions and grooves to create some of the most unique, experimental, halftime sounds. His tracks have been hits for many bass lovers, most notably “War Drums”, “Cleanse”, and also “Lethal”, his collaboration with Spicy Bois favorite Molokai.

Floret Loret has been someone we’ve kept our eyes on for a while. After being a special guest for our Cabin Fever Fest last summer, he has spent plenty of time creating some ridiculous sounds, including his complex “Prosper” EP on Bassrush back in November, and most recently his beautiful “Undulations” EP off of mau5trap.

Here’s what the two producers had to say about working with each other:

“SISKA & I have been friends for a while, we’ve met through our mutual friends online but have been following each other’s music for quite some time. We started working on this tune in the beginning of 2021 when SISKA sent over a demo. I really loved the melody and started building around that, making it a big focal point for this tune while still bringing in a plethora of soundscapes and low-end tones.” – Floret Loret

“We decided on the name “Hylocereus” after a plant called the night-blooming cactus. They bloom a flower that only blooms at night and dies in the morning but they produce several edible fruits like pitayas & dragon fruits. We thought this name was fitting for the tune since there’s a lot of evolving sounds throughout that help bring it to life.” – SISKA

It’s rare for a track to make us speechless. Yet, SISKA and Floret Loret have done just that. Their sounds fused perfectly to create a hell of a ride. The potential that these two producers have is limitless!

What did you think of this stellar new collaboration? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials!

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