The Funk Hunters and ESKEI83 have teamed up for a brand new banger, “Hit Like”,  released through Westwood Recordings. The duo incorporated rap-influenced vocals from RUSUR and created a rhythmic bass-anthem that blends funky beats and experimental sound design.

I first heard from The Funk Hunters after their Burning Man set playing as the eclectic, legendary, electronic duo Daft Punk back in 2016, and I’ve been a fan ever since. The set even includes a live saxophone section courtesy of GRIZ. The Funk Hunters stand out in a sea of carbon-copy producers by blending old-school influences with modern electronic elements, resulting in a wildly unique audio experience. Last year, the duo enjoyed some mainstream success, topping the Billboard Dance Club Chart with an official remix of U2’s “Love Is Bigger”.

[This is] our first ever collab with ESKEI83 and we couldn’t be more excited with how this turned out. RUSUR delivered amazing vocals [and] we really hope we get to play this out on a big festival stage soon…!” – The Funk Hunters

ESKEI83 is also very excited about the collab. The track is originally an ID he had been incorporating into his sets for a while now. Eventually, he shared the tune with The Funk Hunters, and “they took it to the next level”. After the team finished up the instrumental, they brought in RUSUR to bring “Hit Like”  to life.

We’re loving how bouncy and groovy this latest release from The Funk Hunters and ESKEI83 is. The vocals from RUSUR hit just right and we’re pumped that Westwood Recording could give “Hit Like”  a home.

You can stream “Hit Like” down below and let us know what you think on our socials or down in the comment section! Be sure to hit up these fantastic artists on their socials too and let them know what you think of their latest collab.

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