Dirt Monkey and Forrest Wilkinson dealt us a dubious deep dub tune, “WARM N EZ”, last week through Deadbeats. This smooth ensemble of bass and laid-back beats come together to create a fresh new vibe.

This being Dirt Monkey’s very first deep dub tune, we are super excited to see what else he has in store for us. This latest release adds some awesome variety to his heavy and upbeat 2021 releases so far and should be a fantastic addition to his sets as the festival season is finally upon us.

Forrest Wilkinson may be a name you don’t recognize, as he has only made one other electronic appearance on an EP from TOTEM, released earlier this year. Last year, Wilkinson released a tribal-inspired album, “Day of Peace”, a tranquil and relaxing project to its core.

The album art here is from the esteemed visual artist Incedigris, who you may recognize from his artwork on Tipper‘s Jettison Mind Hatch album. He also recently collabed with Dirt Monkey and his 19k label for their very first NFT.

We are very excited to see how Dirt Monkey works this latest laid-back banger into his upcoming shows! You can stream “WARM N EZ”  below, and be sure to let us know what you think of the latest collab from Dirt Monkey and Forrest Wilkinson on our socials or down below in the comments.

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