Ben Gorvine, better known to the music world as IHF, has been around the block for a while. He’s opened for huge names like Big Wild and CloZee in the past and is known for his surreal, breath-taking soundscapes. That’s why it feels a bit odd that someone as successful and addicting to listen to as IHF would just be dropping his first album, almost eight years after his ‘Floating’ EP. After a long wait, IHF’s debut album, “Precious Cargo”, is here!

Right away, the consistent mood of the album was something I was very drawn to. For example, the introductory song ‘Scars’ is very pleasant and groovy. Almost meditative. Most listeners would expect the rest of the album to be much more in your face, but the restraint shown by IHF to make a cohesive piece of art is obvious by the slight increase of production versus something overwhelming and all-encompassing.

This album is easy listening in a nutshell. Think about coasting down Venice Beach on your longboard or gliding down ski slopes on your favorite mountain. The EDM production is taking a back seat, allowing for aspects like sampling, entrancing vocals, and delicate synth work to take the wheel.

The broken samples and consistent running bass line were a few common themes over the course of the album, but it was always a refreshing break to hear another influence like Tame Impala on ‘Don’t Forget My Love’ and ‘In My Skin’. I also found the use of unconventional and underused instruments, samples, and sounds to be exciting. I noticed it, but it in no way took away from the music itself.

Let us know what your favorite tracks are and why in the comments below! Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy IHF’s new album as much as we did.

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