Although Sunset Music Festival wasn’t the first festival back, with Ubbi Dubbi happening a month prior, it was the first festival back for the state of Florida and many listeners from all across the country. Featuring artists like SLANDER, NGHTMRE, REZZ, Troyboi, LSDream, and many more, this was the perfect way to kick off the 2021 festival season after a long year of limited live music.

One of the acts we were most excited about was TYNAN, as we are a huge fan of his multi-genre style of production, murdering any sub-genre he touches. He has had a busy year already with multiple label releases, five VIP projects uploaded on Audius, an official Apashe remix, as well as diabolical collabs with Dirt Monkey and Ace Aura. We were ecstatic to hear that he was down for an interview and get that opportunity to pick his brain.

Enjoy our exclusive conversation with one of the hottest names in bass music below!

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H: How was the past year for you mentally and musically?

T: It’s been a whirlwind, I spent the first few months really energized writing a bunch of new music. Had a big lull for months where I couldn’t write anything, just felt kind of pointless. Seemed like there was no end in sight, but now that things are starting to pick back up again I feel like there’s an end in sight and a silver lining. But yeah, it wreaked havoc on my mental health.

H: Well, many of us are in that same boat. How does it feel to be playing at a major festival again?

T: It is so crazy, after a year of not being around anybody and inside all the time to now being around so many, it’s a lot. I’m an introvert already so the past year made it worse. I forgot how to talk to people and be around a to of people without being a fool.

H: For our readers who haven’t been following you from the beginning, who is TYNAN?

T: Well, I’m from Oklahoma City and I make all styles of bass music. I try to do something different each time. I’m the kind of artist that doesn’t like doing the same thing twice, so I’m always experimenting whether it be with sounds or genres, styles. Bringing whatever I can into the world of TYNAN.

H: How did you get started?

T: I started drumming at ten, picked up a guitar, and played a few bands in high school. At the end of high school, I found Skrillex and everything changed. I knew immediately that was what I wanted to do. I went to school for audio engineering in Oklahoma City and been producing since 2011-2012, but really been taking it seriously for the past eight years.

H: Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

T: Well, obviously Skrillex got me into it, I draw inspiration from everything though. I listened to a lot of noisy math-rock growing up which blends into my all over the place approach to music. As far as electronic acts, Space Laces Must Die, Knife Party are some of my favorites.

H: Who would your dream collab be with and what would you make?

T: Would have to be Space Laces, making a balls to the wall dubstep tune.

H: What does music mean to you?

T: Music is everything to me, some people think in shapes and colors or with an inner dialogue but I think in music. Making up new songs in my head, replaying a song I like over and over, it kind of is my being. If I wasn’t doing music I don’t know what I would be doing.

H: What’s next for the TYNAN project?

T: Well I don’t want to give it away yet, but the next big project I’m working on is personal to me. I’m not sure how people will react and I’m kind of nervous. It might be the last dubstep thing I do, we’ll see. I won’t give too much away but I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and the past year has helped make it come to life.

H: You’re pushing DNB to new levels here in the states, do you think it will ever take hold here?

T: It is so tricky, I could go much longer with this. I think it ultimately will have its place but it will take that one big song that brings everyone’s attention to it. People say they can’t dance to it, but it’s easy you just jump around.

H: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

T: I love video games, I’m a giant fan of collecting retro games. Got into speedrunning on super Metroid so that’s been interesting. I enjoy cooking, hanging out with my girlfriend.

H: What about a favorite meal you make?

T: I can make a mean chicken Alfredo and turkey meatballs. I enjoy a lot of Italian food and Indian food the most, but can not cook it to save my life.

H: What TV shows have you been watching recently?

T: I’ve been diving deep into a lot of old Comedy Central shows, recently watched the Jersey Shore series for the first time and it was quite the experience.

Huge thank you to TYNAN and his team for doing this interview with us and we hope you had fun getting to know him on a more personal level. Be sure to follow his socials to keep up with what’s next!

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