Colson XL has taken off as one of the most accelerating dance duos in the world of electronic music. Their illustrated expression formulates their foundation of “25% anxiety, 50% depression, 100% Colson XL”. Remaining true to themselves has permitted them to manifest their ultimate realities through sound waves. Their blueprint is immaculate, melding future-fused trap elements with distorted bass and empowering undertones of indie-electronica. Their ethereal and animated soundscapes convey pure, raw emotion in every track. No one else is doing it like Colson XL.

Colson XL has an impressive roster with releases on some of our favorite labels. We’ve watched them make waves through the trap basin with close friend capshun on “Watch Me via Sable Valley. They’ve granted us an indie trap anthem withIssues featuring INDAZE and two:eighteen via Elysian Records. And less than two weeks ago, we were even blessed with a hyperpop-fueled bass banger, You Still Alone“, featuring Eazyly, RVCHL, and Nsolo.

Today, the Bonsai Collective Family welcomes Colson XL to their entourage with their debut release, “Like That”, on sister label DENALI. DENALI symbolizes the highest mountain peak in North America, making it home base to the most progressive tracks distributed on the heavier side of drum and bass, house, and trap music. Both labels showcase the novelty in the realm of dance music, so keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming revolution.

“Like That” starts us off submerged in the calming warm waters before an inevitable storm. Perplexing vocal chops and harmonizing percussions guide the sensations all the way up to an eruption of explosive storm surge. It’s got the highs and lows jam-packed into one striking release as a melodic masterpiece. Their overall message is channeled loud and clear for any future endeavors. Before getting in the way of Colson XL, ask yourself, “how are you really going to do them like that?”

Here are some words on the new release from COLSON XL:

When we started ‘Like That’ we knew we wanted the drops to be explosive and in your face. Then we found a vocal sample that resonated with us and brought in some ethereal pads and FX layers to contrast the intensity of the drops. A lot of our creative process is constant experimentation; adding elements, removing elements. We really just did that until everything fit. 

The between-drop sections bring you into a forced calm before the inevitable storm. But make no mistake, the storm is coming. We want the listener to be surprised when they hear the drop (hopefully not in a bad way) and feel that explosive burst of energy or anger when someone has done you ‘like that’.”  – Colson XL

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