Subp Yao is returning to fans today with a massive new full-length project. The Netherlands-based artist has gotten support in the past from some of the biggest names in dance music ranging from Noisia to Machinedrum to DJ Shadow, and it’s no surprise with the sheer amount of genre-bending tracks he has unleashed.

His brand new Generation Loss album is the perfect insight into the mind of the impressive production talent, spanning fifteen unique tracks. It just dropped and is an absolute rollercoaster of a project.

We had the opportunity to premiere one of the many heaters off the album, “Rob Boss”. The title is a tongue-twister play on the famous painter and television star Bob Ross and the track is a disgusting goliath of a heater. Be sure to check out the video for the tune as well, included below!

The new album is out now through the bass hub Saturated Records, which is well-known for pushing forward-thinking art in an industry where so much is recycled over and over again.

Here’s what Subp Yao had to say about naming the brand new full-length project:

“Generation Loss refers to the loss/reduction of quality that occurs when making subsequent copies of copies rather than getting a direct copy of the original image, video, etc.” – Subp Yao

What did you think of Subp Yao’s “Rob Boss”? Let us know down below in the comments!

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