Denver-based up and comer TRIGO is distinct for his deep and ambient downtempo sound. He’s been DJing for six-plus years and slowly creating a name for himself in the underground bass scene. His brand new single, “Shadow Walker”, demonstrates that he is developing his sound and vision further with ethereal and spiritual energy.

The release opens with a lot of intrigue. It draws you in with layers of moving noise, distant chanting, and a little middle eastern flair from a plucked instrument providing the melody. The drop feels massive while inducing the listeners into a  trance-like state. It’s also very sparse, leaving plenty of space between wubs and growls, which in turn helps make each sound feel very defined within the groove. The progression is driven primarily through the melody, which alternates between the euphoric chanting and an eerie flute. 

The different elements at play throughout the track create a very cinematic atmosphere. You can almost imagine different creatures growling and chattering in the distance. Indeed TRIGO is creating a landscape and “Shadow Walker” is the name of an ancient god. This release is about traveling to a planet for an event celebrating that diety. From the start, it’s clear that TRIGO is writing the prologue to a larger vision. It will certainly be interesting to see how this vision develops with each future release from this promising artist. 

Crates I’m putting this into: Lost in the Desert, Downtempo Wubs, Wonky Woods. What did you think about “Shadow Walker”? Let us know in the comments and on our socials.


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