Spencer Brown is back with his second project released on Last Night on Earth, with a forward-thinking two-song EP titled: Silver Linings.

If you are unfamiliar with Spencer Brown, it is time you start paying attention. Spencer has been a constant presence on the Anjunadeep Label with a host of releases dating all the way back to 2014. Known for their strong melodic work and euphoric, building tempos, Anjunadeep has been breaking artists left right and center and Spencer Brown exists as a crowning achievement of what the Above and Beyond Record Team have been building since the label’s founding. In keeping consistent with that sound, Spencer’s Anjunadeep work has been on point with strong melodies and an uplifting mood.

However, as an artist that strives to keep progressing and adapting their sound, Spencer’s latest work reflects a more minimal sound design than releases in the past. This all makes sense when considering the label that “Cumulonimbus Incus” and “Sea Caverns” come out on, Last Night on Earth. Last Night on Earth was founded by one of the true pioneers in the scene, Sasha, with the intention of creating a home for exciting and fresh electronic music and they have been delivering on that promise since their founding in 2020.

On the Last Night on Earth Instagram, Spencer broke down both of the tracks on this EP to explain the ideas, themes, and production methods behind each of the tracks.

“Cumulonimbus Incus” is named after and directly inspired by the cloud of the same name, was made to create a soaring atmosphere. The production detail of the song was quite simple, which allows space in the song to create that euphoric emotional response in the listener.

“Sea Caverns”, a collaboration with Wilt Claybourne, was made to fit the theme of going through the ocean in a submarine. The beginning of the song is darker, which is driven by a heavier industrial sample selection. The tone shifts to a lighter mood in the middle, which is guided by beautiful chord progressions. The end of the song brings us back into an underwater cave, returning sonically to the dark industrial mood of the beginning.

Overall, these two songs show a taste of the range that Spencer Brown is capable of delivering and makes us even more excited to see what the future holds.

Silver Linings is available on streaming platforms now. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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