Hailing from a city whose history is inherently entrenched in not only dance music history but music history at large, Muzzy Bearr takes a plethora of inspiration from his upbringing in Detroit, Michigan. The funk that oozes from his discography is the makings of a Motor City gent who knows the life as well as the unfortunate anti-gay and anti-Black decline of Disco.

The sounds of Muzzy Bearr’s childhood influenced him to pick up any instrument that spoke to him. This would eventually lead to years of supporting major artists such as GRiZ and decades worth of exploring other genres through the lens of his groovy musicality.

Today, Muzzy Bearr brings us a tune paying homage to the legendary post-disco group, Change, and their soulful hit “Your Move”. The lively track expresses reverence for the group’s efforts to continue to push the genre and the innovation within it, by tastefully incorporating elements of other flavors of dance music that amplify that funk. With stirring guitar riffs that compliment the hypnotic four-on-the-floor rhythm, “Move” connects the past, present, and future of Disco music.

“ ‘Move’ is a track I had written over the past year as I have been trying to re-discover my sound. After a decade of working and touring, it was nice to take time away and focus on my solo efforts. The creative realization that resulted was a blend of the Motown and Techno influences I gathered growing up in Detroit. I feel stronger and more self-actualized than ever as we come out of the insanity that was 2020, and this track represents another exciting step towards the future of the Muzzy Bearr project.” -Muzzy Bearr

We are stoked to see more music from Muzzy Bearr and cannot wait to see where he continues to take this project! If you haven’t checked out his latest party-starting anthem, “Move,” take a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments below or on our socials!

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