REZI has been hard at work on his new ‘Reflections’ EP, which just dropped today.

“Reflections” compiles some of his favorite work of the past year – tracks that flow between heavier dubstep, melodic wave, and experimental bass music.

“This is definitely a product of the pandemic, a pivotal point in my mental state. More than any previous work – this EP signifies an era in life that I will always remember. And it’s my first EP where all of the tracks and artwork were done solely by me”. – REZI

REZI’s interest in dance music began immediately. His mother was an avid raver, the grooves of trance and drum n bass rolled through the house as an infant; a childhood replete with artist merchandise and mixtapes followed.

In 2012, on his thirteenth birthday, he was gifted his first laptop and music software, quickly adopting the REZI moniker. By age fifteen, a backstage conversation with Excision encouraging him to “never stop” is a memory he holds with a tight grip. Thanks Mom!

2018 saw REZI’s first professional releases – a string of singles and collabs on Play Me Records, including ‘Unfound’, a song produced with Reid Speed and featuring her first-ever vocals. This track spawned a hefty Splice remix contest, while his output at Play Me eventually lead to an A&R position – and finally his ‘Artificial Contentment’ EP in 2019.

2020 has been a tumultuous year for many. But REZI has channeled this energy into drastically improving his sound & vision.  After the successful single ‘Cry For You’ was released on Electric Hawk, he went straight to fashion his ‘Rocket Power’ EP.

A new chapter in his music and most acclaimed product to date, ‘Rocket Power’ received immediate support from Deadbeats Radio, Dub Rebellion, Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan & Power Grid playlists, Kannibalen Radio, and more. From the ashes of 2020, Rocket Power – along with REZI – continues to rise. This is not his first time blessing our ears over here at Heard It Here First. Most recently, we were blessed with his groovy “Wannabe” release.

“Reflections” is nineteen minutes full of immaculate sound design that inspires and invokes pure joy. REZI pulls us in with a captivating first track followed by a silky smooth beat. Halfway through the first track “Reflect”, you can feel the energy building up and busting down; creating a fire entry tune.

Up next is “Peace of Mind,”  a beautiful REZI track. It’sfor sure something we’d hear at a music festival’s main stage and staple tune of the REZI soundscape. “Peace Of Mind”  leaves listeners relaxed and feeling warm, as the bass acts the yin to the yang. Listeners can tell REZI’s sound design is meticulously crafted, creating an infinitely gorgeous mix.

“Zuckas,”  the third track of the Reflections EP is boomin’… it is captivating and samples the idea of “No matter what happens, you have to keep hanging on”.  This is a great mantra for the 2021 pandemic release. It is the perfect party-starter certain to ensue high energy, dancing, and smiles.  Next up is “Losing Control.” Its placement on the Reflections EP creates a wavy atmosphere full of bouncy and melodic tones. It delivers listeners with head-boppin’ uppercuts of bass and scintillating sounds.

Without a doubt, REZI takes listeners on a journey with “Reflections.”  The tune titled “Flow” has an immaculate ambiance. Listeners will surely be lost in a blissful trance. The track features beautiful vocals that warm the chest and make the heart happy.

Be sure to listen to the full release below and let us know what you think of REZI’s latest work of art down in the comments! It’s clear he has a massive future ahead of him!

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