After two massive single releases, the highly anticipated EP “Pisces Moon” from newcomer Redrum has made it’s entrance on Liquid Stranger‘s downtempo label, SSKWAN. The two previous singles, “Phases” and “Floating” are further complimented by two more ethereal tracks to round out a beautifully composed EP. This release adds to the impressive roster building up on SWAKAAN, joining other notable artists Mize, sharlitz web, Canabliss, and more.

The first two tracks “Phases” and “Floating“, consequently the first two singles, set the tone for the EP with beauty and grace. “Phases” entices listeners with an intriguing intro then breaking down into a stunningly complex groove sure to get your head bobbing.

The next track “Floating” slows things down, just to pick back up again with “Dreamy“. This track starts with a twinkling intro, reminiscent of the effervescent sounds of Odesza. It beautifully progresses into a floating bassline, adding just the right amount of depth to round out this track. It sounds like the equivalent to drifting through space, floating on a lost dream.

Divine” then trickles in to tickle your ears, with a steady beat kicking in that subsides to provide space for the savory marimba-esque melody to entrance listeners into its spell. The steady shake and consistent kick keep this track moving along, providing the perfect conclusion to an emotional yet truly divine EP. Creating this project was a highly emotive process for Redrum, as she outlines below:

When I finished writing this EP, it was right around the time of a New Moon in Pisces. New Moons represent rebirth and new beginnings, and writing this EP really felt like closing a chapter on my life. I wrote each of these pieces originally as a way to process the trauma of losing my father, who is the reason I got into music in the first place. Each piece is a part of my healing process” 

She continues on about how this experience was woven into the writing process:

“’Phases’ was written about going through the first year without him here, and that healing comes in phases, and like the moon it’s okay to feel empty sometimes. ‘Floating’ and ‘Dreamy’ were both pieces I wrote without the intention of ever releasing them, and I actually wrote both the pieces in a manic state as a way to get out the emotions I was processing from the loss. ‘Divine’ is probably my favorite track off the EP, it’s the closing track and is a culmination of my grief and emotions going through that time period” – Redrum

This exquisite compilation of artistry is sure to dazzle hearts and minds alike. Listen below, and let us know what you think in the comments and on social media!

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