Sami Diament AKA LSDream has once again blessed fans with another incredible work of art. “PEACE LOVE & WUBZ” featuring CoJaxx is the first collaboration we’ve seen from these two and they have effortlessly delivered a fantastic result.

CoJaxx says on meeting and working with LSDREAM, “The connection we made at WAKAAN fest was so real and our energy never stopped. You would think we had been together for years, but we both make each other better and that’s how “PEACE LOVE & WUBZ” came to exist. I respect his musical genius and even that is an understatement on his knowledge of music and positive energy.”

LSDream has been blowing up the bass scene with his infectious spread of love and positivity. It is this personal connection he makes with his fans as well as his higher vibration that he embraces within his music that truly makes him so special. From tracks like “ACE OF CUPS”, “FOLLOW THE VIBE”, and “HIGH VIBRATIONS”,  he undeniably pours his heart and soul into every tune he unleashes.

This isn’t CoJaxx’s first appearance on Wakaan either. After collaborating with space bass gurus Liquid Stranger and Luzcid, he seems quite at home within the Wakaan family. His strong and powerful hip-hop vocals perfectly fit with an experimental composition of bass music.

LSDream speaks on the collaboration saying, “CoJaxx is the first MC I’ve connected with IRL that genuinely understood my purpose with the LSDream project and the message behind it. There is a certain aesthetic balance within the project, and I’ve only come across a handful of vocalists that have that special mind and heart to go hard, weird, be fucking badass, AND also be positive, uplifting, and real at the same time. I appreciate and love how CoJaxx does that!”

“PEACE LOVE & WUBZ” is the title track off LSDream’s highly anticipated upcoming third album, melding CoJaxx’s hip-hop influence with Sami’s space bass and diabolical synth tones. CoJaxx prodigiously delivers Lsdream’s inspirative message, transcending the listener into a state of serenity and elevation.

Lay back, throw on some headphones, and get lost in the proverbial sauce with “PEACE LOVE & WUBZ”. Tell us what your thoughts were in the comments below and also on our social media!

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