LSDREAM has been teasing us with new music since the start of this year by releasing four singles from his brand new eleven-track album, PEACE LOVE & WUBZ.

PEACE LOVE & WUBZ is LSDREAMS’ third studio album, following RENEGADES OF LIGHT released in 2019. RENEGADES OF LIGHT put LSDREAM on the map as a popular WAKAAN artist with iconic tracks such as “HELLO HUMAN”, “I AM BASS” and “EXPAND THE UNIVERSE“. Nevertheless, we can not forget his first album: VOYAGER, with other iconic tracks such as “PSYCHADELIC” and “ACE OF CUPS“. 

The Album

PEACE LOVE & WUBZ serves as the continuation of LSDREAMS’ growth as a bass music artist. The new album expands on what his previous albums set out to accomplish. The project kicks off with “LOVE ROCKET”, a track that was teased during one of his RAVE Cave live streams last year. The track introduces us to a funky beat and a melodic build, as the breakdown begins, we are introduced to a filthy deep bass drop that is reminiscent of none other than fellow bass producer and Spicy Bois labelhead, MeSo, who is featured on the track, alongside Elephant Heart.

The next couple of tunes are two of the four singles that were released, “HIGH VIBRATIONS” and “PEACE LOVE & WUBZ. Both are incredible tracks on the album. The second half to HIGH VIBRATIONS is absolutely mind-blowing if you have yet to experience that masterpiece of a single.

The album then segues to “WILD ORCHIDS,” one of his most unique tracks on the album. We are introduced to a sitar giving the listener a 70’s feel. The spacey vocals, provided by Karra, will send shivers down one’s spine. As the build-up increases, we experience a slow and declining bass drop that differs from some of the other tracks that have a traditionally fast-paced breakdown. Nevertheless, “WILD ORCHIDS” shows that LSDREAM is still growing as an artist and is constantly looking for new and unique ways to expand his sound.

Afterward, another one of his singles, “POTIONS“, with fellow WAKAAN artist Liquid Stranger is next. POTIONS has that iconic Liquid Stranger redux wub.

Another close friend of LSDREAM is featured on the album, and that person is Z-Trip. LSDREAM and Z-trip released a single last year called “Space Funkthat is indeed funky, nevertheless, their new track “MOON LEGS” has a slower hip-hop feel to it that will make your head bob nonstop.

We are then transitioned to a collab with another WAKAAN artist, Buku, titled “POLARIS“. This track switches things up with an uptempo dark synth feel that builds a lot of anticipation throughout. The next track pivots back to something slow and ethereal with his last single, FOLLOW THE VIBE“, a slow yet vibrant tune that will send the listener into the perfect state of trance. 

We then reach the last three tracks off the album. “COTTON CANDY SKY” presents us with Taylor Renee’s vocals and a pop-like drum groove. I believe this is some of LSDREAMS’ best and most unique work yet. We are then given “ILY”, another melodic, vibrant tune that reminds the listener that they are loved. Finally, what is an LSDREAM album if it does not have a tune that is meant to be a meditative experience? Well, that is what the final track of the album gives us. “FOUR OF SWORDS”  is a collab with his LIGHTCODE meditation/sound bath side project. This track is meant to be listened to with your eyes closed while focusing on your breath. Here’s what LSDREAM had to say about the new project:

Here’s what LSDREAM had to say about the new project:

“The PEACE LOVE & WUBZ album is a collage of hybrid genre Bass music intended to spark joy and raise the vibration of the collective. This album is a container,’ so throw in the shit that’s been weighing on you, the shit that’s bringing you down. Now go dance, wiggle, laugh, sing, and express yourself.” – LSDREAM

PEACE LOVE & WUBZ cements LSDREAMS’ place in the bass music scene. His growth as an artist is incredible and his ability to change and express himself is truly inspirational. So far, all three of his albums are similar to one another yet they contain certain elements that set them apart musically. Overall, this album is a must-listen. We are all excited to hear what else LSDREAM has in store for us in the future. Let us know what you thought down below in the comments.

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