When a producer unlocks an eternal realm of novelty through their polished design, their outcome remains timeless. This is exactly what the mysterious and profound producer/DJ, Camoufly, has curated and frankly, mastered.

The blueprint of Camoufly’s very own “kawaii bounce” is a collective combination of electronic subgenres sensibly shaped to synthesize future bass and pop-constructed beats. Undercurrents of trap fundamentals and elemental percussion flourish the projection of their limitless sound. To describe Camoufly in a few words is nearly impossible.

We don’t know what Camoufly looks like, but considering a quick glimpse of only their eyes, we must assume they’re human. You may have heard Camoufly from his highly praised, debut EP, Apotheosis, or maybe even a track from the project, such as Safe”, which happened to surpass one million plays on Spotify alone. You may have stumbled across one of his inconceivable “glittertape” mixes, or sparked a taste from Spotify playlists creamy, serotonin, or metropolis. You could have even discovered a notable edit escaped from the portal of SoundCloud, like their impressive spin of “this is me or PUMP IT. Regardless of where, what, or how you have heard the enigmatic trap staple, it is safe to say it was inexplicable, breathtaking, and kept you begging for more.

This year, Camoufly has already released one EP, one mix, two glittertapes, two exclusive NFTs, eight separate singles, and eighteen WIP’s, edits, and mashups throughout their scrapbook SoundCloud account. We saw him take the open aux at Brownies & Lemonade’s virtual live stream, and even unleash an Audius-exclusive flip to Lido’s track, “Rise”. Their validity has been safely certified as they continue to layer a void in EDM we never even knew existed.

Today, the artist strengthens their roster of tunes with the lead single, “Pyramids”, debuted off their forthcoming sophomore EP, The Giant. Set to release on August 20th, we are granted the second, five-track EP from the producer, creating a full circle moment of the mastermind at hand. The heart and soul extracted through the project exemplifies the raw production talent presented within Camoufly’s mind.

Camoufly’s efforts take you on a journey within, navigating through your body as you search for your most authentic self. An ongoing quest of inner-divinity is almost certain once you press play. “Pyramids” is the third track off of the EP, honoring the climactic episode of the project’s entirety. The flickering and fluttering across melodic synthesizers balance the ecstatic bounce of bass, drums, and snare percussions. The equation is essential. The outcome is brilliant. It is a true masterpiece of art.

Here’s what Camoufly had to say about “Pyramids”:

““Pyramids” represents a turning point to the whole EP. It’s the darkest moment, where the atmosphere, the sounds, the chords get moody while the drums keep pumping along. It’s the first track I made for this EP. It reminds me of a certain way of making and thinking music that has become less relevant these years. Many times I jokingly call my music “backwards-thinking” because I get a lot of ideas from music released 5 to 10 years ago. I think many people forget how many gems were released at that time.” – camoufly

We genuinely hope you enjoyed “Pyramids” just as much as we did. Let us know in the comments below, or tag us on our socials!

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