Nature is healing. camoufly tracks have returned to the flash drive to rinse festival crowds with bright and mystic sensations. The “glittertape” architect has saved us from the isolation brought by the pandemic. The enigmatic pink hoodie phenomenon keeps his face hidden but is certainly no stranger when it comes to the vibrancy of everlasting “kawaii bounce”.

What exactly is “kawaii bounce”? It is the first-hand birth of an innovative yet timeless genre. Sparkling sound waves, fluctuating frequencies, heartfelt harmonies, and bass-enhanced beats. Iridescent and inconceivable imagination tied with elastic energy that eradicates any negative emotion surrounding your vibration. The whispers of paradise that stem from the natural beauties of the world. It’s a powerful subgenre of electronic music generated and grasped by camoufly.

Now that we’re familiar with the nature of it, let’s get into camo’s fresh new EP, “THE GIANT”.

In this EP, camoufly disembarks on a heartfelt, five-track voyage inside his fluid consciousness. He has found a way to reach through to his inner core, reflect on his authenticity, and divert it into a fluent soundscape of emotion. The producer has a lust for ambition, proving that two separate, five-track EPs in less than a year are realistically credible.

Today, camoufly comes full circle with “THE GIANT EP“. His follow-up dedication to his everlasting “APOTHEOSIS EP is the transcendentalism of culmination and divinity.

We begin the pursuit of happiness with “Rituals”, an emotional introduction to camoufly’s story of passion and drive. We are immediately immersed in an organic landscape of spiritual awakening and natural desires. Undertones of bird chirps and fauna flurries resemble the soul of “The Giant”. Hope is restored, self-love is renewed, and the mindset is limitless. He not only sets the tone of depth in the project, but he proves that sometimes a ritual is needed to find out who we really are.

As we drift into “Million Years”, the celestial vocal chops fluctuate the melodic vibrations to a new plateau. The sun shines through the soft rain, and the colors of the atmosphere come alive. The pulsating ambiance connects the individual to the scenery of “The Giant”. It begins to sound delicate. Not in the sense of heartbreak, but more so in the ongoing evolution of one’s identity.

The climactic scene of “Pyramids” delivers a full panorama of self-aspiration. The spirit transcends the ego. The percussion patterns mimic the heartbeat of “The Giant”. The turning point of the story is beginning to feel wholesome and largescale.

Sakura” formulates the pulsation of animosity that flows through the veins of “The Giant“. Harps of hardship yield the reality of the EP. The fourth track attests that everything isn’t always glitter and gold and that without mud, there is no experience to blossom.

We have made it to the final track, “Possibilities”. It is the finale; it bonds the several structures of “The Giant” into an eternal oasis of recollection. It is my favorite track of the EP’s entirety. It has a way of making me feel that everything has happened thus far for a reason. It dictates that reminiscence and nostalgia of your old self are important to move on to the next chapter. It concludes the immortality of “The Giant“. The possibilities for camoufly have become endless.

We hope you make it out of “The Giant” feeling the same way we did. Let us know in the comments below or tag us on our socials!

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