Driven by the new-founded abundance of time the pandemic lent him, Boston-based producer ROBY knew the time to unleash his work into the world had come. He had a firm grasp on his capabilities as a sonic storyteller and with the symbolic release of the brooding minimal house track “Voyager,” his journey began. By mid-year 2020, ROBY brought us an otherworldly six-part story of an EP, Bloom. The project would not only generate buzz around the artist, but also highlighted the birth of something refreshing from his Dubstep, Half-Time Bass, and Wave inspirations.

Today, ROBY is uniting with Amsterdam-based producer and vocalist goodnight lavender to bring us “Remedy.” The track features tense synths and dysphoric lyrics that express the emotional experience of not being able to see someone important to you throughout the pandemic. The heart-rendering tune is the third and final single off of ROBY’s forthcoming PE, Novus 3. ROBY expressed,

“Back in October, I sent goodnight lavender a rock instrumental with a working title: Remedy. After an insane amount of revisions, a genre change, and redone vocals, this melancholic garage/experimental electronic tune is what we ended up with.

“Longing for your touch

You’re so far away from me”

I can see Remedy’s lyrics resonating with people who haven’t been able to see their families or friends due to the consequences of the pandemic. And I’m sure people who are into future garage, such as the likes of Direct and CloudNone, would appreciate this track.”

Out now on Tabula Rasa, be sure to take a listen to“Remedy” featuring goodnight lavender and get a taste of why deadmau5 calls ROBY’s work “soundtrack fire” and “atmospheric as hell!”

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