Ramon Tumbucon, also known as RamonPang, became enamored with Trap and the simplicity of the genre in 2016 and has been conjuring magic ever since. In 2017, he was recruited by Brownies & Lemonade to perform at their Riverside B&L End Of School Year Party where shortly after Ramon began experimenting with his sound and found himself in the Left-Field Trap realm.

He concocts a fusion of dreamy sampling mixed with hard Trap beats to come up with an inimitable and ethereal take on the genre. This blend of chopped and screwed mysticism is not only evident in his 2020 Cascades EP but also throughout most of his album art, which he creates himself. 

Today, RamonPang brings us his well-crafted debut album, Nature System, on The Tabula Rasa Record Company. Nature Systems exists in a realm between the digital world and our tangible one, tapping into the feeling of living life during 2020 and originally created to aid with the anxiety RamonPang felt leaving his apartment during COVID. The album offers introspective tracks like “Re-Entering the Atmosphere” and “Shimmer” that massage your eardrums and cradle them into relaxation. 

Then there are tracks like “Indoor Sunset” that take you through a wave of emotions that emulates chasing a summer sunset, where the faster the sun goes down the more excited you get to catch a glimmer of that green flash. The track rips the floor out from underneath you with distorted bass drums and sharp granular synths telling you to lay your expectations to rest and get ready for pure, unadulterated experimentation and to enjoy the grooves between grooves RamonPang designs throughout the project.

Then, tunes like “Webs”, which stunningly layers serene melodies and a hard-hitting beat. It’s easy to see why it gained support by industry behemoth Four Tet, who describes RamonPang as “taking ideas to a more deep, cosmic level.” Though not his only influence who has extended support, other inspirations like Baauer, Floating Points, and Mura Masa have recognized Ramon’s genre-blending abilities as someone breaking the mold within the Trap world.

“To me, a successful debut album is a self-portrait, and I painted this one using the technicolor-palette of my heroes. I love using impossible scenarios as track starting-points. I’ll ask myself ‘what if Sam Gellaitry collaborated with Oneohtrix Point Never?’, then I’ll end up with a track like ‘Glass on Grass’. I wanted to expand on typical dance structures and create musical paths that could stumble into either tighter rhythms, or more abstraction.” – RamonPang

Be sure to take a deep dive into RamonPang’s Nature System, featuring original self-made artwork, and let us know what you think of this masterpiece below in the comments!

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