Nyquist is an up-and-coming Glitch-Hop producer who specializes in chopped-up grooves and spirited drums. While his signature style sets him apart, he still manages to shine on collaborations. Notably, with long-time collaborator and Downtempo wizard, Quark.

The duo has a history of playing off of each other’s strengths to create projects that highlight the innovation that comes out of the underground. Installments like their first collaborative EP, Mysticism, show the boundless talent the pair has to offer while singles like their effort on Superb Beats Collective’s Summer Compilation Vol. 2, “Jungle”, prove they never fail to impress.

Today, Nyquist and Quark are teaming up once again on Sacred Hive to bring us a walloping bass heater, “Shadows.” The glitched-out sampling gently hypnotizes you while the wobbling bass adds a sinister undertone to the tune. Equal parts mesmerizing and thrilling, the duo flexes their prowess as a pair once again.

Catch Nyquist and Quark’s “Shadows” on Sacred Hive below and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments or on our socials!

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