Taking the industry by storm, LZRD bounces back with his latest release “Anytime.” Joining forces with Lost Boy, this track is a grand addition to any summer playlist. Throughout his six years in the studio, LZRD has gained a tremendous amount of coverage from various outlets in the music world such as Billboard Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and Dancing Astronaut.

With his new partnership with KESS Records, LZRD is determined to amaze us with the incredible production talent that has gotten him exactly where he needs to be.

“Anytime” opens with comforting and bright atmospheric guitar strings that are blended with Lost Boy’s illuminating lyrics. The exciting punches of percussion and rhythm that resonate throughout the track entice listeners to jump around and dance carefreely. A powerful melody can be heard after the drop, which takes hold of our hearts that all beat along.

Here’s what LZRD had to say about his latest release featuring Lost Boy:

“I really wanted to go for a very melodic yet emotional route for this particular track. I feel like most of my songs are melodic; however, this one gives off a different emotion that I haven’t been able to accomplish in the past. ‘Anytime’ is genuinely about being there for someone through the thick and thin. I just feel like I can deeply relate and so can others.” – LZR

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