Nu Strut, a Dallas-native producer, delivers a fresh dose of funk and bass with his debut album, “Cognac & Cigars” off of Electric Hawk. This ten-track compilation features some massive collaborations with prominent lyricists Wreckno on “Pornstache,” Cojaxx  on “Jazz Cabbage,” and singers Nasty Purple on “She Puts The Devil In Deville,” as well as Charmae on “You.” This release is a multi-genre endeavor featuring a fantastic collection of vibes from Neurofunk on “Nova Bossa” to Garage on the cheeky track titled “It’s Pronounced Gair-Idge.” There is something for everyone on this upbeat and light-hearted collection of music, just prepare to find yourself incapable of being still while listening!

Nu Strut and Wreckno get the party started with the first track “Pornstache.” The rhythm is driven by big 808s and a breakbeat reminiscent of old-school hip hop. Wreckno’s vocals sit front and center throughout the song with a cadence and flow that will call everyone to the dancefloor. A funky guitar lick is interspersed between a variety of metallic and glitchy sounding wubs that definitely keep you locked in for the whole tune.

The next featured artist, Cojaxx, comes out with some fly verses on the more beat-oriented “Jazz Cabbage.” The sound design is more straightforward on this one, it’s driven by a very live-sounding drum break that’s continuously chopping up different grooves. It’s a very east-coast sounding rhythm which suits Cojaxx’ equally east-coast sounding cadence. Each of his verses is separated by a straight four-on-the-floor disco beat reminding us where the roots of this music came from. 

If you didn’t get enough jazzy chops and warm Rhodes chords from the last song, rest assured there is plenty more to get down to in the following track, “Nova Bossa.” From the funky guitar to the saxophone that sounds like it’s trying to buy me dinner, the vibe from this one is irresistibly sexy. The chilled-out intro and bridge sections serve as a great contrast to the dirty and frenetic bassline that follows each. Just like how the drum breaks on the previous tracks evolved over time, the bassline is filling that pocket while constantly introducing fresh new sounds and rhythms into the mix. 

She Puts The Devil In Deville,” featuring Nasty Purple, really hones in on the blues and funk influence prominent throughout this release. Before producing electronic music, Nu Strut formed his own Blues Trio. Working with Nasty Purple’s amazing voice, the two delivered a really effective conduit between all these different genres of music. This one is both very unique and very familiar for all the best reasons. It features just the right amount of modern-sounding wonks complimenting tight lines from various instruments favored in those genres. 

Nu Strut ventures in a different direction with the aptly named “It’s Pronounced Gair-Idge.” The name of this song is a tongue-in-cheek prod at how Americans pronounce the name of the music genre “Garage,” which has only become more popular in the states after originating from the UK. The song really showcases his ability to combine cleverly evolving drum breaks and elements of funk and disco with engaging and modern sound design. The song is driven by a plucky synth lead and a warm bassline, while the latter section features a very cool half-time portion to shake things up a bit. 

“You” is easily the most low-key and euphoric song on the release. Charmae delivers an extremely classy performance with her vocals which compliments the sassy brass section. The song is distinctly nu-disco with a rich ambient tone and vibrant layers of percussion. This is the new dinner-party anthem for your social gatherings. 

Crates I’m putting this into: Dinnerparty Anthems, Groove Club, Funk & Bass

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