It’s not even three quarters into the year, and NotLö has already made a massive stamp on the bass scene. She has pushed the 140-dub subgenre even further with her exciting take on it.

2021 has already been her best year yet, releasing on labels such as Gravitas Recordings and Deep Dark & Dangerous, and touring all across the country, playing b2b sets with VEIL and solo sets at major bass festivals like Big Dub and Sound Haven.

Today, NotLö returns to Wakaan for her brand new stand-alone EP. “Hallucination Effect” is a hypnotic collection of bass for your ears with the deep and dark dub you’ve come to know at the forefront as NotLö zaps you into another dimension. There’s no denying the luscious sound design that’s present here.

“Hallucination Effect” shows everything that NotLö is capable of and more. The title track takes you off the deep end, including the classic 140 bass, gnarly synths, and other-worldly sounds to melt your brain within seconds. This is just the beginning of what’s in store.

For the next track, NotLö recruits the talented up-and-comer Canadian producer MYTHM for “MAD”. Their sounds combine so perfectly as they go under the ground for the darkest time of your life, leaving you without words.

If you thought these tracks were enough, NotLö pushes her sound design even further to the next level with the third track. “Dimensions” picks up the pace with as many splices, basslines, and craziness that melts your brain into a puddle on the grass. There’s an abundance of energy being unleashed as NotLö caps off the EP with a bang!

The beautiful and complex album art is done courtesy of, better known to the music world as Holderr. NotLö has released on Holderr’s Meat Yogurt label in the past and we were amped to see the two of them team up once again.

This bone-shattering EP and Wakaan debut proves that NotLö has an incredible future ahead of her! If you’re heading to Bonnaroo, be sure to catch her performance at the Other Stage at 4:00 pm this Friday!

What did you think of this insane EP? Check it out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section or on our socials!

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