Australian production phenom Leotrix is back today with a brand new four-track EP on Never Say Die.

Leotrix has been on the scene for the past four years. But in that short timeframe, every year just gets better and better for Leotrix. Things started to pick up for the young producer when he released his Hive EP on Never Say Die Black Label. His most popular track, “Hive Bounce”, became a staple in every DJs playlist in 2019 and gave the young producer a major spotlight. 

The Out of Order EP stands as one of Leotrix’s most innovative works to date. Leotrix showcases his many styles on this EP and shows off his range of production expertise. Starting off the EP is his grime/dubstep-infused song, “Jump” featuring AGES. Then the stylings change course when you get to the future riddim banger “Crash Report.” 

Never shaking that energy, he goes into another disgusting future riddim-style heater, “Out of Order”. The EP ends with another distorted and wicked dubstep banger, “Tins”

Innovation and music go hand in hand, and what Leotrix has done with this EP shows his uber-talented skillset. The future is bright for this young producer and we can’t wait to see what he has in store next!

If you thought Leotrix was Out of Order for this EP, let us know in the comments down below!

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