FRQ NCY is back with a new and exciting sound on his latest single “Appearances“. This Atlanta-based producer has captivated fans with his previous works “The Vault” and BROKEN PATTERNS, the latter released through Bassrush Records. He is fresh off of a performance at Denver’s The Black Box earlier this month, and with new music on the way, we can (hopefully) expect more shows to come soon.

This track is a bit of a departure from his bass roots, with a more emotive and melodic feel. It is the preceding single for the upcoming EP “Gems“, a project that he feels strongly about:

“When I finished Gems there was a lot of doubt in my mind around releasing the project. Its different from what most of you have heard from in the past, and I was worried it wouln’t be received well because of that. As time progressed the idea of sharing it started to feel more and more like something I needed to do in order to express myself, and now I’m more excited than ever to present Gems to everyone and share this extention of my creativity” – FRQ NCY

This track begins by sparkling through listeners’ ears, with choppy vocals artistically peppered throughout, building to the apex. It is ultra-complex, weaving together multiple different sounds to create a glittering tapestry of emotion. One can feel the uplifting energy that this track exudes from start to finish. While a departure from previous work, FRQ NCY delivers an experience with this new sound. We can’t wait to hear this full EP!

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