When the sand meets the shore and the iridescent pastels brush over the ocean horizon, the moment is endless. The crash of the waves and the smell of the sea startle the senses, allowing the listener to exist directly within the present pulses of the Earth.

The seventeen-year-old, England-based producer JB Hain paints this portrait through his infinite freedom of sound. His craftsmanship is spellbinding; he melts down indie-infused alternative and melds it with trap and future bass to create his boundlessly emotional charm. He transforms pain into pleasure for the rest of us to hear and feel.

After he released “lose hope (it’s all in my head)” with DRIPPING IN ROSES, he started to gain the traction he rightfully deserves. The original track exceeded over 100,000 plays on Spotify alone, which sharply sparked his follow-up EP, “together in my dream / breath”. He recently represented his bitbird debut with two tracks from the “create together vol.2” compilation EP. On the EP, he dropped a joint effort with Rivus and featured on the powerful and unique “i need u (community mega collab)” with shameless., Rivus, Blaedsounds, Inflake, Shwirl, fil, aego, and Fairies Don’t Exist. If you haven’t heard this, you should check it out right now.

This past week, JB Hain delivered a brand-new heart-rending track, “moment”, with his home base label DRIPPING IN ROSES. The title of the track comes from an original snippet of music directly from his father. Symbolic melodies are heard throughout the entire four minutes and five seconds. Hymns of the producer himself echo over the doubled guitar undertones. Heavy future bass synths smudge the soundscape. The piercing percussion prospectively puts the piece together.

moment” is a gentle reminder that there are multiple sides to every story. It pushes us to open our minds with heavy hearts because after all, perspective is the key to growth.

Here are some words from JB Hain himself:

“moment is about accepting the fact that there are always two sides to one story. when you listen to the song, there are two guitar melodies playing in each ear, representing the two individual stories. i’m so happy that i can finally now share my stories, and this moment with you.

the ending of the song, is actually a snippet of my dad playing a song he wrote named ‘moment’. it’s a little thank you to him and my whole family for helping me through so many difficult times in my life, and believing in me and my music for some many years now.” — JB Hain

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