On Friday, G-REX and Sully let loose the Fusion EP through Wakaan. Fusion is a collection of collaborations that blend hard dubstep with trappier, bassier influences to create mindbending breaks and showcase expert sound design. The joint EP comes two years after their first collab, Cliqueand does well to take advantage of the unique sound signatures of each artist. The duo has a long history together as they met while each attending Western Michigan University nearly ten years ago and the chemistry is evident in this stellar selection of tunes.

The five-track EP kicks off with “Back It Up”, a high-intensity bass anthem that sets the tone for the hard-hitting tracks to follow. “How Much Further” slows the pace down and utilizes a melodic introduction to create an uplifting atmosphere, only to bottom out with a crunchy breakdown. The dark influences interwoven with ethereal vocals blend beautifully and highlight the versatility of this dynamic duo while incorporating the talents of The Arcturaians as well.

In a return to harder styles and ominous melodies, “Interlude” darkens the mood of the Fusion EP with a single rise in tension that will leave your heart pounding and a creepy bassline that will stand the hairs on the back of your neck straight up. Building off the dark tone “Interlude” sets for the project, “We Don’t” utilizes hip hop themes before building an epic rise and introducing another bone-shattering bass breakdown, demonstrating masterful sound design and creativity.

Closing out the EP is the title track, “Fusion,” which ups the tempo and returns to pure dubstep roots with big bass and bigger drums. This slappin’ tune brings an almost tangible energy to the table and closes the project off on a high note.

All in all the Fusion EP is an excellent collection of sound design, creativity, and imaginative expression that does well to demonstrate the bond between two artists who have made ominous melodies and hard-hitting basslines their signatures. We’ve had this EP on repeat since its release and you can too by streaming through the links down below! Be sure to let us know what you think of the Fusion EP from G-REX and Sully on our socials at the bottom of the page as well.

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